Spring Conference (March 1-2, 2019)

Saturday Presentation Slides

Statistics: Insights for Teaching
Speaker: Barry Monk

Pascal's Triangle - Blaise-ing a Trail of Mathematics
Speaker: Eddie Tchertchian

How to Solve Cubic and Quartic Equations and Why We Don’t Teach It Our Students
Speaker: Ashot Djrbashian

Desmos: Activities to Promote Mathematics Engagement (click here for Google Doc link)
Speaker: Catherine Walker

AB 705: Designing an Effective Corequisite Program
Speaker: Jay Lehmann

Sharpen your teaching by sharing ideas: How to start a Community of Practice
Speaker: Paula Young and Lisa Morales

Take a Break from AB 705: Let's Do World Cup Mathematics!
Speaker: Saburo Matsumoto

Searching for the Goldilocks Zone: How much structure is “just right” for major projects?
Speaker: Eric Matsuoka and Reina Ojiri

Infinity Categories and Mirror Symmetry
Speaker: Coleman Dobson

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